SANWERK Company presentation


Who We Are? What We Do?

SANWERK Company and the same-name trade mark were founded in 2016.
We are focused on production of the modern bathroom furniture and LED mirrors with sets of options.

We are the Company prioritizing the following three key factors in the business model formation:

  • Fairness and transparency in relationships with our Customers
  • Product design and marketing
  • Analytics

We, the SANWERK expert team, believe that our products should be esthetically appealing and stand out among other products due to the improved consumer properties. We endeavor to make our products unique, up-to-date and remarkable. Another factor contributing to our steady development is our affordable prices achieved through optimization of direct supplies, absence of contractors, optimal number of employees in the production unit and administration, as well as common sense in formation of the marginal part of the product price.

Our team is both hopeful and confident that the Customer will appreciate all our advantages by purchasing our products. The Customers who returned for purchases for life and everyday use are considered as the primary proof of the right direction of our development and the quality job we do.

We guarantee fulfillment of the warranty liabilities without any bureaucratic delays and honest review of the disputable issues by negotiations.
We always follow the modern design trends while maintaining affordable price for good quality products.

For the B2B or DIY markets customers we can offer an exclusive products.

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Sincerely yours,
Team Sanwerk


Number of Partners in Ukraine 90 pcs.
Number of Bathroom Furniture SKU 160 pcs.
Number of LED Mirrors SKU 50 pcs.
Number of Accessories SKU 18 pcs.

We produce lacquired bathroom furniture (coatings are provided by Sayerlack, Italy). Our company produces standard products and has a stock program. The warranty is 24 months. We opened several Company showrooms in the city of Kyiv.

We produce LED mirrors with functions that facilitate and beautify daily life. There are different sensors such as: hand wave, touch sensors; defoggers, built-in LED clocks and magnifying lenses X3. Individual mirrors ordering is available. We use only EU mirror plates, with 5 mm thickness. Warranty is 12 months.

We produce glass shelves for the bathroom in various thicknesses, lengths and depths. We offer Spanish shelf-holders in excellent style (matte and polished chrome), LED lamps, IP44, 220V.

“We Welcome The new partners for joint and mutually beneficial development”

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