An Advantages of bathroom vanities and led mirrors

Reasonable, highly competitive cost of the products achieved by means of careful selection of the suppliers, reasonable profitability and focusing on the turnover.
We use the fittings of the world famous leader in this field: concealed runners slides and hinges with soft closing.
Coating and other related materials provided by the famous Italian manufacturer Sayerlack.
Large and capacious bottom drawer with railing for structural rigidity. There is a special space for the drain pipe to the sewer also.
Excellent modern design, aluminium logo plate, grey colored drawers inside, user manual in the three languages. The Partners are provided with the package of images and diagrams of our products in the one archive file.
The cabinets width 60, 70, 80 cm equipped by washbasin with trim to prevent drop the water (drop-in). The cabinets width 90 and 100 cm equipped by one of the deepest wash basin on the market.
The mirror sheets we use are only the imported ones (made in EU), 5 mm thick; we have the models with corner radii, sensors, options, customer dimensions of the mirrors, cool packaging. Many models are truly unique.
Excellent modern style. Using quality raw materials for lamps manufacturing. Availability of all European Certificates: CE, LVD, RoHS, TUV GS.
Comprehensive solution encompassing the bathroom furniture (cabinets, tall cabinets etc), LED mirrors, LED lamps.
We can design a personalized model for you provided that you ensure sufficient sales. Generally, this opportunity may be interesting for the DIY networks and the national distributors.