GRETA & GRETA AIR Bathroom Cabinets

GRETA set of bathroom floor furniture and Mone Mirror.

Greta Flooring Cabinet Set

GRETA AIR set of bathroom wall hung furniture and Mega Mirror.

Greta Air Wall Hung Set


GRETA Cabinets – Bold and modern design

These Greta and Greta Air models of bathroom furniture are provided in the two versions – the floor and the wall hung version respectively. This model features a 16 mm thick MDF and absence of handles. Laconic modern design. This collection is notable for the drawer facades that sink between the cabinet sides when slid back into the space. Another characteristic feature of Greta collection is the painted inserts of dark grey graphite color. The concealed soft close Blum runner systems enable effortless use of furniture for years.

Practical grey color inside the drawers, special construction for wall cabinet installation, Sayerlack coating materials (Italy), quality fittings and modern design.


GRETA and GRETA AIR bathroom cabinets are completed with a ceramic wash basin (Named Kante or Prince).

Kante wash basin goes with 600, 700, 800 mm wide cabinets. This is drop-in wash basin preventing spillage and dripping of the water.

Prince wash basin is available for the dimensions of 900, 1000 mm. This wash basin stands out among the others thanks to its imposing and sophisticated look (it is 90 mm thick) as well as its utmost depth (180 mm).


These bathroom furniture models are available in the following dimensions:

Width (under the wash basin): 800 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm.
Floor cabinet height: 850 mm.
Wall cabinet height: 600 mm.
Cabinet depth: 450 mm.

Tall Cabinet width: 350 mm.
Flooring Tall Cabinet height: 1900 mm.
Wall Hung Tall Cabinet height: 1650 mm.
Tall Cabinet depth: 300 mm.


  • 16 mm thick MDF
  • No handles
  • Painted insert of dark grey graphite color
  • Lacquered facades and sides
  • Very deep wash basin or wash basin with perimeter-wise border
  • Soft close Blum fittings
  • Large lower drawer
  • Facades foldable in the side walls


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