SIMPLI Bathroom Vanity

SIMPLI set of bathroom floor furniture and Simpli Mirror.

Simpli Wenge Flooring Cabinet Set
Simpli White Flooring Cabinet Set


SIMPLI Cabinets – Economy Class.

These SIMPLI models of bathroom furniture are provided in the floor version only. This model features a 16 mm thick MDF and absence of handles. Laconic modern design. The collection is notable for the swing facades. Simpli Wenge boasts another characteristic feature – the insert of the specified color.

Special construction for drainage equipment installation, Sayerlack lacquering materials (Italy), quality fittings (China) and modern design.


SIMPLI bathroom cabinets are completed with a ceramic wash basin (Kante or Iseo).

Kante wash basin goes with 600 mm wide cabinets. This is drop-in wash basin preventing spillage and dripping of the water.

Iseo wash basin is available in the dimension of 550 mm. This wash basin is characterized by a pleasant shape and an impressive look despite its small dimensions.


These bathroom furniture models are available in the following dimensions:

Width (under the wash basin): 550 mm, 600 mm.
Floor cabinet height: 850 mm.
Cabinet depth: 350 mm and 450 mm accordingly.

Tall Cabinet Width: 350 mm.
Flooring Tall Cabinet height: 1650 mm.
Tall Cabinet depth: 300 mm.


  • 16 mm thick MDF
  • No handles
  • Wenge insert option
  • Painted facades and sides
  • Good wash basin or wash basin with perimeter-wise border
  • Modern design


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