COSMO ZOOM Illuminated LED Mirror

Cosmo Zoom is LED Mirror with big magnifying lens (X3) and white acid-etched glass base along the entire surface.

Cosmo Led Mirror with Zoom
Cosmo Zoom


COSMO ZOOM Mirror – Unique Style. Double Layered Backlit.

LED Mirror Cosmo Zoom is a very complex product. High labor intensity, minimal thickness and quality materials of well-known manufacturers, all this allows us to talk about the uniqueness of the mirror. A distinctive feature of this model is acid-etched white glass, which is located behind the mirror along the entire rear plane. After turning on this mirror, with a wave of the hand in its lower part, the backlight of the hidden type lights up (that is, the light source is not visible). Despite the minimum thickness of the product, we managed to install a lens with backlight and double defoggers, which is twice the standard area. This position is the hallmark of the brand SANWERK.

Voltage: 220V


Cosmo LED Mirror is the most sophisticated one in our production program. The standard components include: big magnifying lens (X3), the imported 5mm thick mirror sheet, the hand wave motion sensor switch, the double heating (defogger).

This model may be produced according to the customer dimensions and with a personal set of options.


This bathroom LED Mirror model is available in the following dimensions:

Width: 880 mm (700 mm mirror), 980 mm (800 mm mirror), 1080 mm (900 mm mirror).
Total mirror height: 830 mm, mirror part: 650 mm.
Mirror thickness: 30 mm


  • Mirror thickness is 30 mm only
  • Big magnifying lens (X3)
  • Built-in hand motion sensor switch
  • Built-in double heating (anti-fogging)
  • Magnificent luxury color – white acid-etched glass
  • Cool designer packaging
  • Warranty
  • Unique product in the market


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