High-quality lighting – the guarantee of health and good mood.

Elegant lamps are not only light sources, but also interior elements. They perfectly complement it and give it a sense of completeness. If the lamp is quality, it will serve for many years …

But, for your bathroom, not any LED lamp is suitable, but only one that has all the necessary certificates. Our lamps have the following certificates: European Certificate of Conformity (CE); Certificate of Electrical Safety of Low Voltage Equipment (LVD); Certificate regulating the content of various harmful and toxic substances in products (RoHS); The abbreviation GS (geprüfte Sicherheit) translates from German as “checked and safe”. At the same time, the safety of the product and the production line and the absence of harmful impurities and substances (TUV GS) are checked annually.

LED lamps can be supplied with special adapters allowing to install them in three ways: on a vertical wall, directly on a mirror, on a horizontal plane (for example, the top of a mirror cabinet).

Please pay attention to the options presented in the description of the LED lamps.


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