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Quite often, we are asked the same questions. Therefore, we have decided to design this section in order to enable the visitors to effortlessly study any issue arising in course of exploitation or collaboration.

We try to furnish full and correct information keeping in mind that sooner or later, the untruthful information would damage our reputation gained during a lengthy period of time.


Where to start from?

If you want to buy wholesale products, please contact our office at the phone specified in the top left corner of each webpage, or send us an email to info@sanwerk.com or sale@sanwerk.com. You will get the complete information promptly by either way.

How to choose the bathroom furniture?

First of all, you need to understand what the furniture price includes and how this influences the appearance and exploitation durability of the furniture.

Ask the salesman:

  1. What kind of coating is used for the furniture? In addition, don’t forget to ask the same about the facades and the sides. Often, to reduce the cost of the furniture, the sides are covered with PVC film, which compromises the furniture durability.
  2. What components are used in the furniture? Is there the soft close? Of course, the European components produced by the recognized companies like Blum, Hettich etc. is better than the Chinese products. Do ask the vendors to take out the cabinet drawer for you to see the names of the components yourself (they are clearly visible).
  3. Straight off, think about the height at which the cold and hot water communication pipes shall be installed in the wall. Usually, it is 52-55 cm above the floor. Make sure there is nothing inhibiting the cabinet construction.
  4. Choose the cabinet type you would like to buy – the floor or the wall version. They differ in spaciousness and installation type, but the wall cabinet is visually “lighter”, more appealing and it is easier to clean under the wall furniture.
  5. Ask about the warranty duration and conditions. A long warranty period means significant limitations of use, or there may be additional conditions.
  6. Find out about the material the wash basin is made of. It may be either artificial (cast) stone or ceramics. Be practical and think some time ahead. Cast stone is crushed marble mixed with polyester resin. The resin contains the accelerator, and then the hardener is added. All of this is covered with 0.7-0.8 mm thick layer of white gel coat (also colored resin). In the scientific language, the resin is a mixture of oligomeric unsaturated esters with monomers, the accelerator is cobalt naphthenate, the solidifier is methyl ethyl ketone peroxide. The weakest point is the white coating abrasion test. In the everyday use conditions, it will look different from what it looks like in the store.

7. A traditional ceramic wash basin is much better. It is as good as the ceramic tile or toilet. Ceramic is at least solid and natural material. Its durability is tried and tested for thousands of years.  Today, eco-friendliness is underestimated. But ceramics is an environmentally friendly material.

What are the prices and discounts?

All our prices are strongly justified by a range of factors. Scrupulous approach to price formation enables creating one of the best quotations in the price/quality/design/availability ratio.

All prices are specified under FCA conditions, Kyiv. Delivery is not included into the price and shall be negotiated separately.

We use the discount system based on the retail price for wholesale buyers. This means that we basically rely on marginality rather than extra charges. The margin is the most correct efficient performance standard.

How to avoid warranty invalidation?

The warranty to the products is as follows:

  • 24 months for the bathroom furniture
  • 12 months for the LED lighting mirrors

The warranty to our products is granted provided that the product exploitation is correct.

Here are the key guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid installing the furniture closer than 7-10 cm to other furniture pieces, walls, shower cabins etc.
  • Do not install the furniture closer than 15 cm to the bathtub
  • The wash basin should be fastened to the wall regardless of the furniture type (floor or wall)
  • Wall furniture should be tightly attached to the wall and immobile

The furniture should be installed on the even floor. Adjust the level using the cabinet legs, if necessary.

How to solve the problem?

Once you face problems with the products, please fill out the special form on the website.

Click here to access the form.

After you fill out and send the form, we will receive your letter, study it and answer your questions within 3 business days at latest. Your letter will be automatically forwarded to the production site as well, in order to thoroughly study the issue.

We also provide repair of the products on a paid basis.

Do we produce custom furniture?

  • For retail buyers: We do not produce bathroom furniture based on the customer specifications. We work with the our standard program only.
  • For wholesale buyers: We shall consider such a possibility if the number one SKU items exceeds 15.

Do we produce mirrors in the dimensions corresponding to the customer requirements?

  • For retail buyers: Yes, we produce LED mirrors based on the customer requirements. The duration of production is 15 working days. To calculate the cost, please email us the simple drawing.
  • For wholesale buyers: We shall consider such a possibility if the number one SKU items exceeds 10.


What are the cabinet and mirror installation guidelines?

The right installation of a cabinet or a mirror ensures the longest possible exploitation period.

Here are the key guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid installing furniture closer than 15-20 cm to other pieces of furniture, walls, shower cabins etc…
  • Avoid installing furniture closer than 20 cm to the bathtub
  • The wash basin should be fastened to the wall regardless of the furniture type (floor or wall)
  • The wall cabinet should be installed at the height of 850 mm above the floor (together with the wash basin)
  • The mirror should be installed at the height of 400 mm (at least 300 mm) above the wash basin.
  • The wall furniture should be tightly fastened to the wall and stay immobile
  • In addition, we recommend fastening both the floor and the wall cabinets to the wall through the spacer behind the cabinet if such a spacer is provided for the cabinet construction.
  • The furniture should be installed on the even floor. Adjust the level using the cabinet legs, if necessary.
  • The mirrors should be installed only in the places prescribed by the European Directive. Such places are specified in each manual inside the box.
  • Use the earthing wire (of the yellow color) to connect the mirror to the power supply network.
  • Upon installation of a LED mirror with a hand motion sensor switch, please make sure nothing is interfering with it in the distance of 100 mm. The sensor uses the infrared ray and there should be no obstruction.
  • If a LED mirror with a hand touch sensor switch is installed, do not randomly, disorderly press on it multiple times because it will be blocked. To restart it, it would be necessary to disconnect it from the power supply network for a couple of minutes. After that, it will be in operation again.

Useful inks:

Installation advice

It is very important to use the services of the qualified staff installing the furniture and the mirrors. On some occasions, the furniture and the mirrors were damaged in course of installation or collapsed after the installation as a result of poor competence of the fitters.

Wash basin fastening. The fasteners are not provided because the walls where the wash basin is to be attached to are varied. Different types of walls require different fasteners.

Cabinet fastening. Follow the manual available for each cabinet. Make sure that the cabinet is tightly fastened. To ensure safe fastening, use open fastening to the wall through the spacer.

Visually, the wash basin relies on the cabinet. However, it is not really so because it is separately fastened to the wall and puts no extra load on the cabinet.

Mirror fastening. The assembly includes the special corrosion-resistant self-tapping screws. Ensure the correct markings and drill the corresponding holes. Then, connect the electricity wire and the earthing. After this, just hang the mirror on the screwed in self-tapping screws. The user manual provides the guidelines to setting the clock.

Крепление зеркала. В комплекте поставляются специальные саморезы, которые не подвержены коррозии. Сделайте качественную разметку и просверлите под них отверстия. Затем,  подсоедините электрический кабель и заземление.  После этого, просто навесьте зеркало на вкрученные саморезы. Способ выставления часов, указан в инструкции.

What are the installation dimensions?

Upon installation, you need to consider the largest size. The wash basin has the largest dimensions.

  1. Cabinet 60: 600х450х40 mm. The water mixer opening diameter is 35 mm, the foot valve opening diameter is 50 mm.
  2. Cabinet 70: 720х450х40 mm. The water mixer opening diameter is 35 mm, the foot valve opening diameter is 50 mm.
  3. Cabinet 80: 800х450х40 mm. The water mixer opening diameter is 35 mm, the foot valve opening diameter is 50 mm.
  4. Cabinet 90: 900х460х90 mm. The water mixer opening diameter is 35 mm, the foot valve opening diameter is 50 mm.
  5. Cabinet 100: 990х460х90 mm. The water mixer opening diameter is 35 mm, the foot valve opening diameter is 50 mm.

The wash basins 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are different. Named “Kante” and “Prince” respectively.

How to solve the typical problems?

One of the most common problems is the wrong outlet of water supply pipes in the wall. To be precise, the wrong height of the water supply pipe location. The correct height is 52-55 cm above the floor.

This is especially a relevant issue in case of the wall furniture. What can be done if the hot/cold water communication pipe is at the same place as the console bar?

The following has to be done:

  1. Saw the console bar into two equal parts.
  2. Spread those two bars in a way to place the wall communication pipes in the middle.
  3. Drill the new fastening holes in the bars.
  4. Mount the two bars on the walls after the marking.
  5. Hang the cabinet on the two bars.
  6. Drill the through holes in the spacer (not console) bar and additionally fasten the cabinet to the wall.

It goes without saying that the wash basin should be independently fastened.


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